Just For Fun

The following links may or may not be related to anything legal or the law, however, Paralegals need to laugh and as often as possible! It’s a great way to shake off stress and these sites are perfect at helping you relax, laugh and have a bit of fun.

Dexter Daily: Founded in July 2010, the site immediately became a major news and commentary source for fans of the Showtime hit series.

I Hate Clowns: The No Clown Zone celebrating 15 years of creating a clown-free zone.

Logo Quiz: Literally spend hours mindlessly guessing popular logos you’ve known for years. Addictive score is high!

Mullet Junkie: Business in the front! Party in the back!

Office Ladies: Site and podcast for co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (Pam and Angela)

Office Talley: The top fan site for The Office TV show, featuring free shareable quote cards and videos for every occasion, episode guides, etc.

People of Walmart: We’ve all seen them. Heck! We ARE them! Your cheeks will be hurting from this one.

The Seinfeld Dictionary: True fans will appreciate this dictionary about nothing.

Theme Park Review: Anything you may ever want to know about a theme park.

Virtual Bubble Wrap: Another time consuming fun site for all those who are about to pop!

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